Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 2

batman-the-dark-knight-returns-part-2-posterBatman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt 2
DVD/Blu-Ray Release January 29, 2013


Part 2, man this was awesome, I mean I love the book Batman: The Dark Returns, but these two movies based on this four-part comic book is just, an affirmation of just how good, correct that, how great this book is.

With Joker coming back from his psychotic episode in Arkham, his killing of his psychiatrist in front of everybody, on TV, and killing everybody in the studio audience. I mean he finally shows Batman that he can finally unhinge him. I mean throughout all of Jokers life he’s killed aDark_knight_returns book 3 lot of people, and Batman knows it. And now with the new Police Commissioner dc-collectibles-reveals-batman-the-dark-knight-returns-call-to-arms-statue-nycc-02and seeing how Superman has aligned himself with a President of the United States, who himself is more controlling. The police commissioners now going after Batman, the President of the United States tells Superman to end the problem in Gotham.

It now comes down to the battle between Batman and Superman, who is going to win. Batman, who is the Dark Knight, maintaining peace and order in Gotham, and Superman the puppet of the President of the United States.

Of course Batman is smart, and outwits Superman, faking his death and destroying his mansion only to rise up Dark_knight_returns book 4stronger.

This four-part series “The Dark Knight Returns” has a second three-part book named the Dark Knight Strikes Again, which is an ongoing story, to free the captured Superheroes and fight back against an oppressive American Government, which we later find out, is run by Lex Luther and Brainiac. Now I hate to say this, but I haven’t read this book, so I’m going to have to find it and read it.Batman-Vs-Superman

These two great DVDs/Blu-ray are definitely going to be watched over and over and over, because I really love this story. And yes it is a part of my greatest collections.