Battle: Los Angeles

Attn: Sci-fi fans and Aliens
Battle Los Angeles is the best Movie of the Summer 2011
In Theaters March 2011
On DVD/BluRay June 2011
By Jack Stark

The movie begins with an alien attack on Los Angeles that everyone initially mistakes for a meteor shower. So a group of Marines, including a veteran Staff Sergeant (Aaron Eckheart) who had just put in his discharge paperwork are ordered to help with civilian evacuation from Los Angeles.  As we all know when you try to get out they find a way to pull you back in.
The movie turns into a combination of Blackhawk Down and Independence Day.
The platoon is a melting pot of Americana, the naive rural guy, the virgin, the just-engaged guy,  the heavily accented African, the street smart east coast Italian wiseass, (Newark Represent )the green leader (a lieutenant who is on his first assignment and wants to do everything by the book)
The special fx work is extremely good. Lots of devastation and detail going on, so much so that you’ll have to see it twice to soak it all in. This is an enjoyable action movie. It doesn’t require a lot of deep thought. Watch and watch again.
To add to this review the movie was filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Camp Pendleton, San Diego, with a lot of Support from Marine infantry 2
nd Battalion 1st Marines, MV-22 Ospreys based at Marine Corp Air Station New River in North Carolina, CH-46 Sea Knights from Camp Pendleton and Naval Station Norfolk, and reservists from 3rd Battalion 23rd Marines from Belle Chasse, Louisiana.  Way to go Marines. RETREAT HELL
Now I know that many movie critics did not give this movie high marks,  for me its the test of time that makes a movie, and this movie stands out, WAY out, you could say its a home run.
There where other movies that came out at same time, but they fell to the side.  For me this is a perfect addition to my Growing Movie Collection, I hope it will join yours.
Till next review