Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Attn Sci-Fi Vampire hunting fans:

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” Combines real details of Lincoln’s life with a secret vampire history. This story is a struggle of Lincoln’s life with the added caveat of vampire’s intent on taking over the world. It is done in an Axe wielding realistic and somber manner.

The story focuses on Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) as a man and savior of not just the United States but the world. He didn’t just save the union and free the slaves but ordered that all vampires must be destroyed.

Adding Flavor to period pieces are tidbits of actual facts. Lincoln’s mother died in 1818 of a thing called milk sickness and his son Edward dying in 1950 of tuberculosis. We find out neither of these causes were the truth.

The movie traces Lincoln’s career from his early days, studying law and splitting vampires heads open, to his career as a politician and later as president: It is the standard fair Lincoln story with hand-to-hand combat with vampires

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” the ending comes just before my interest wanes, Thus all the credit goes to the Director, Timur Bekmambetov. I especially liked the leading ending as Vampire hunting continues to this day in Washington DC.                                                                                                                Jack Stark                   

To add to this movie, Axe Welding Young Abraham Lincoln, proves to be a serious Vampire Hunter, with added assistance of childhood friend William Johnson and Shop Keeper Joshua Speed, and Vampire Friend Henry Sturges they are able to put and end to Slavery and turn the tide of the Civil War.

This Movie is an Adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith Book, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  The Movie exchanges Childhood Friend William Johnson instead of Old Friend Edgar Allen Poe.  Poe tells Lincoln the reason the Vampires are here in America.  The added extras on Blue Ray/DVD has this story also, I recommend watching it.     

The Ending of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Movie V/S Book , does not end at the Death of Abraham Lincoln.  The Los Angles Times gave this book Positive Review, while the Time Magazine gave it mixed reviews.  Over all, I would recommend reading the book.