Batman Beyond

Series started January 1999 ended December 2001
Kids WB was the first to show the series, Followed to the Cartoon Network, and then can be seen on the Hub Network.
The continuation of the Batman series bring us to the near future.  Bruce Wayne is old, he tried to keep going, but his heart was giving way.  Now in his eightys, he’s just an old bitter man.  In comes a young Terry, who is a spit fire, hard to handle high school kid.  Tragedy follows Terry, with the new Jokers, the meeting of the old Batman and the soon to be new Batman, the Death of his father, and the creation of a new Enemy.
Batman Beyond has 52 epsiodes, with series tie ins with the Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock.
The Batman Beyond Movie Return of the Joker, brings some closer, as well as tells a cruel tale of the Joker, and how sadistic he is.  There a 2 versions of this movie, I suggest you watch the unedited version.  I love this version of Batman, its amazing, bringing in new characters and old ones, and finally ending it with a positive in Justice League Unlimited.