Batman: The Brave and The Bold

wallpaper_siege_of_starro_batman_brave_boldBatman: the Brave and the Bold Series
Premiered November 2008 and ended November 2011

Three seasons of the latest Batman series put on by the Cartoon Network.

This new incarnation of the Batman allows him to team up with multiple superheroes as well as put together two stories within 30 minutes timeframe.

The first 3 to 5 minutes of the episode before the batman-the-brave-and-the-bold-batman-3822947-1280-1024intermission break and series intro has a short story that is either its own storyline or is a continuation of storylines that will become either a one part story or a two-part story.

In the first season: they even have a very good musical that has some very good songs as well as Batman being able to hold a tune. Also in the season they have a Christmas 583b128-e1284064808154or two Christmas stories that are also very good.

In the second season: again they still have the 3 to 5 minute short before the series intros but in some of these they have the ongoing saga bringing together a story based on the Starro creature. Also in this season they bring in Darkseid for two part episode.

In season three: well not a lot happening since it only has 13 episodes, with the last episode 581c108dealing with Bat Mite a odd character ends up canceling the Batman series.

Overall I really liked this new incarnation of Batman, it has a lot of team up with really good btbatb2superheroes like Superman, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Jonah Hex, and whole lot more. When I finally figure out what already have I will get you final third season on DVD. This is definitely a great addition to my ever-growing Blu-ray/DVD collection, I do hope that you all agree.592a066a592a086