Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

Next-avengers-heroes-of-tomorrowNext Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

Direct to DVD and Blu-ray

Released September 2008


The end of the Avengers came at the hands of Ultron. Ultron an android built by Henry Pym a.k.a. Giant Man or sometimes Antman. Tony Stark and the Vision are asked by Capt. America to protect the children. The children he was mentioning are his son, James Rogers, his mother is Black Widow. Henry Pym Jr. whose parents are Giant Man/Antman and Wasp. Azari T’Challa whose parents are the Black Panther and Storm. Torunn whose parents are Thor and Sif.Next-Avengers-Heroes-of-Tomorrow-2008-3

It’s been 12 years and the children have grown up but are kept hidden from Ultron. Though Ultron’s programming is to destroy all human life. James eventually finds giant robots with the appearance of his parents, he ends up releasing them with their programs set to destroy Ultron. Ultron overrides their programming and send them back to destroy the children. Tony Stark putting on his Iron Man suit stalls these new robots so the children can escape. Tony gets captured and the children mount a rescue mission into Ultron City. Here they meet up with the new Hawkeye the son of the original Hawkeye. They band together to rescue Tony Stark and head towards the desert where Bruce Banner has lived a secluded lifestyle, there he can control his inner Hulk. The children’s idea is to bring the Hulk out and fight Ultron with their hopes that he will destroy Ultron. Well it almost works, after battling their parents giant robots reviving the Hulk. Hulk’s anger gets the best of him, and he destroys Ultron.1

There is much more going on in this movie, and I don’t want to spoil the surprises, but this movie is fun it’s more for kids since it is a rated PG movie, with limited violence. This movie is one that I do have in my collection.

One more addition to this review, at the end of this movie I had the nagging suspicion that this might be the beginning of a TV series well we can hope.