District 9

District 9
Released to Theaters August 2009
Realeased to DVD December 2009

Attn: SCFI Fans and Aliens

DISTRICT 9 is the Moc documentory of an alien race who arrived in  South Africa about to be forcefully evicted. The Prawns ( Aliens ) have since been forced into slums by the MNU Corp are set to be moved from their ‘District 9’ home to a new more crammed facility. During the evacuation tensions escalate between the humans and aliens. MNU operations manager Wikus (Sharlto Copley) a government idiot is exposed to an alien substance and begins a transformation. He soon realizes how mistreated the creatures have been and becomes more desperate as he races to reverse his situation.  In the end Wikus evokes our full sympathy and by the end I was hoping for his triumph.

Director Neill Blomkamp teams up with producer Peter Jackson to create a truly original piece of work. They combine documentary style footage with some superbly designed aliens and genuinely impressive special effects. The Sit-down interviews and news footage help to create the air of realism. The door is left open for a second installment and I am waiting for the day District 10 opens in theaters.