Dragons: Riders of Berk, How To Train Your Dragon

Hello again,  Dragons: Riders of Berk This is the continuation of the 2 movies that came out, the first was How To Train Your Dragon, came out in 2010, I did not go see this in theater, waited for the blueray/dvd.  What a mistake, I should have seen in theater.  This is a great movie, Vikings and Dragons, who would have thought that these 2 would go together, it works.  The blueray has extra features, including Legend of the Bone Knapper.  The second movie went straight to dvd/blueray, Gift of the Night Fury, with added bonus Book of Dragons.  Yes both of these I have, and have watched them multiple times.  Now for the TV series on Cartoon Network, Dragon: Riders of Berk, the pre-view/ sneak peek in August, was a 1 hour, 2 half hour episodes,  it has the original voice cast, which really makes this great.  Stories bring in the daily lives and interactions with the dragons, and how they change their way of living to accept the dragon.  In September, Cartoon Network started showing the series on a regular weakly basis.  So far, its great.  Now I know this was a series of 10 children books by the author Cressida Cowell, starting with How to Train Your Dragon, came out 2003.  Well like most books made into movies, there’s quite a difference.   All in all, I will be picking up the books, just so I have a better feel for the characters and the story lines.

Dragon: Riders of Berk
Sneak Peek , August 7

How to Start a Dragon Academy

The first episode starts with Hiccup and crew, with Dragons showing off new moves.  The Dragons are on the island and causing a lot of problems, so now Hiccup has to train the Dragons.  He’s met up with a mean old codger named Mildew.  Mildew starts an uproar with the villagers.  So with a little more understanding, Hiccup and crew are able to change the villagers, and work with the dragons, not against them.

Viking for Hire

Animal House

Winter is coming and animals are not producing milk or eggs. Hiccup and his gang must find a way so that the farm animals will not be afraid of the dragons. A fierce winter storm approaches quickly, as the rest of the Vikings are preparing and the farm animals flee. Hiccup and friends brave the storm to gather the farm animals and bring them back. Eventually the farm animals trust the dragons and start laying eggs and produce milk.

The Terrible Twos

Hiccup and friends while flying through forest find find a baby Dragon, which is unknown to them. Toothless does not like the new Dragon but Hiccup brings the baby Dragon to their village and tries to categorize the new Dragon, they eventually named the Dragon Torch. Toothless constantly tries to get Hiccup to leave baby Dragon alone but Hiccup does not see what Toothless is trying to do. Toothless knows what this Dragon is and is afraid. Eventually Hiccup and friends find out that the baby Dragon is not alone and the mother Dragon is looking for. Hiccup finally sees that Toothless has been trying to warn him, both of them subdue the mother Dragon and reunite her with her baby.