DreamWorks: How to Train Your Dragon LIVE SPECTACULAR

How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular
Sunday, January 20 at 5 PM was the last showing of this live show.
It was at the Anaheim Honda Center.

For fan of How to Train Your Dragon, this was rather good.

The show started with Hiccup, telling us about Berk, and the pests mainly the dragons. It closely followed the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, with some differences. There were more Dragon trainees and only a few dragons. They did not have the 1-IMG_0842twins “Ruffnut an Tuffnut” Zippleback, though they did have a possible Hookfang “the Monstrous Nightmare”. Of course they had Meatlug “the Gronkle” and Stormfly “the Deadly Nadder” and lastly Toothless “the Night Fury”.1-IMG_0838

As a fan, I liked this Live Spectacular Show, and from the faces of the parents and children that showed up for the sellout shows, they were all excited and pleased.1-IMG_0826

1-IMG_0867      Now as far as the dragons, I have to admit the animatronics that brought the dragons to life was quite good, very well done.