In Time

In Time
In Theaters October 2011
Out in DVD/Blue Ray January  2012

Attn: Sci Fi Fans and Futuristic Clock Watchers:

In Time
Is a world in which immortality is possible and time is the currency. Time really is money. Everyone’s clock on their arm when you reach 25 years old and you have 1 year to live unless you can buy more time. So the poor live day by day and the wealthy live forever. Not much else is explained and where are the Laser Guns.
Will (Justin Timberlake) becomes newly wealthy thanks to a suicidal billionaire and begins to infiltrate New Greenwich’s high society with the intention of taking it down so all can live longer. He takes with him as a hostage rich girl Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried), who flirts with Will long enough that we know she secretly wants the adventure anyway. They begin to rob the time banks owned by her dad and handing out the wealth to the struggling poor.
Timekeeper (Cillian Murphy) brings a real presence that enhances the film whenever he’s in it. I for one hope to see more of him in movies and for that matter Timberlake also.

This low tech futuristic Bonnie & Clyde movie is well worth viewing.