Justice League: Crisis On Two Earth’s

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earth’scrisis 2 earths a
DC Animated Original Movie
This is a direct to Video Animated Movie
Released in February 2010

Well I’m back it’s been a while since I’ve updated or added more content to my blog so I will start with this JusticeJLA-Lex League Crisis on Two Earth’s movie. This movie starts out as a go between for the Justice League: Animated Series and the new series Justice League Unlimited.

The original title for this would’ve been Justice League: Worlds Collide but was rewritten and made better. Duane McDuffie wrote this story and has done an exceptional job.

jla4The movie starts out with Lex Luther as a good guy and a Joker looking character referred to as the Jester. Stealing from the bad guys a device that is the trigger for a new weapon that the bad guys now being referred to as the crime syndicate headed by a Superman character referred to as Ultraman, with other members being Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, J’edd J’arkus  (the Martian Man Hunter) and Angelique (Hawkgirl’s counterpart). These members of the syndicate have taken over this particular earth and they have killed with the exception of Lex Luther all of this worlds superheroes. Lex Luther’s final hope is to travel to another earth and find help.

Traveling to Superman’s Earth and the Justice League, Lex Luther convinces them to assist him in saving his world, Batman stays behind to try to finish the building of the new Watchtower.Justice_League_Crisis_1080_8

With the Justice League fighting the Crime Syndicate the ultimate weapon that Owlman is creating is mentioned. The interaction between Superwoman and Owlman shows us that these two are a couple as well as very unbalanced couple. Owlman’s main goal now is to find Earth Prime so he can destroy all of the multiple earths. Eventually it’s up to Batman versus Owlman on Earth Prime to save the universe.

This is a very good tie-in movie for the Justice League: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited, it brings in some interesting points that are basic extras in the Justice League Unlimited that having not seen this movie you would have never have guessed but now You can see the new Watchtower being made and the basis of the new Planes/Spaceships. As well as the transporter device and little things that don’t stand out but they do.

I really like this movie and it is a great addition to my growing DVD/Blu-ray collection.

the spectreI almost forgot the added short story, is The Specter very well done, and for those who purchased the two disc DVD would find that the second disc has extra features about the new DCU: The New World which basically describes the new direction a more adult and grittier direction for the DC Universe. The second feature on the second disc is the Justice League two episodes A Better World.