Legion of Super Heroes

legionsuperheroesLegion of Superheroes
TV series debuted September 2006 only had two seasons.

Season One starts with “Man of Tomorrow” it tells the story of a small band of superheroes from the future, traveling back through time, to bring Superman or in this instance Superboy to their time period. The storyline follows that these are the last remaining superheroes because of the Fatal Five capturing some of the more powerful superheroes. So for the next 13 episodes the new Legion are recruiting new members. The second episode, we are introduced to Timber Wolf, a Legion_of_Super_Heroes2-sgenetically enhanced human, by his own father.

The members of the Legion of Superheroes consist of Superboy, Brainiac Five, Bouncing Boy, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf, Saturn Girl and Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl.

In this season the Legion of superheroes also bringing in new members that are referred to as the Substitute, they assist in thwarting crimes on planet Earth with interesting results. Also in the final few episodes, Cosmic Boy and a new member Ferro Lad. In the final two episodes referred to as Sundown part one and two. The Legion lsh-season2-promomust recruit the fatal five into assisting them, like all bad guys, they turn against the Legion but this was expected. They lose a new member Ferro Lad, and Superman returns home.

In the second season, Superman was cloned in the 41st century, he alone must fight against a seemingly undefeatable foe called Imperiex. This Superman clone travels through time to the 31st century to gain legions help at this time it has been maybe 4 to 5 years after the return of Superman so this is a much older legion. In this two-part season opener they defeat Imperiex but he does not die instead he steals the time portal and jumps back into the 31st century. When they return back to Legion_Animated_(Seas_2)the 31st century they find that Imperiex has gone to prison planet and released prisoners, those legionnaires that were sent were overcome and put in prison.

Now the remaining legionnaires once again ask for much older Superman from the past to join their ranks to defeat this new enemy. As this season continues, Imperiex gains help from other enemies of the Legion as well as trying to gain more information about the Legion. Brainiac five merges with the original Brainiac, and betrays the Legion, defeats Imperiex and then tries to take over the galaxy. With the help of the original Superman Brainiac legion 2Five defeats Brainiac and becomes an organic being discarding his robotic armor. Superman from the 41st century returns home and those that were lost during the altered future returns. Though at the very end we see the discarded parts of Brainiac merging together. I am really going to have to do some searching, so I can add this great Cartoon Series to my ever-growing collection of My Favorite Cartoon Series. Until next time.