Long Beach Comic Con and Horror Con 2012

Greeting from Long Beach California, from the Long Beach Convention Center, at the Long Beach Comic Con and Horror Show 2012.
This is the 4th year for this convention, from my limited experience, this is a good show, it has much to offer, with more artists, equivalent to San Diego Comic Con.
It really has room to grow, in the back area of convention center, there is a play ground for laser tag, a kids area, as well as panels just for them.
During the Con, there’s a lively commentary going on, with interviews from the crowd.
This is Saturday, and the first day of the con, and like most con’s there is quite a bit of COS PLAY. 
The Morning started outside, with a parade of Storm Troopers , in the Lead was Darth Vader.
They then brought it inside, tried to get better picture.

I forgot they also have Roller Derby, there is a small course layed out,  with LA Roller Derby.