MiB 1, 2 ,3 and Comic Book

The Men in Black Comic Book MiB
Men In Black
I want to start with The Men in Black Comic Book, introduced in 1990 by Aircel Comic, only 3 issues produced.
In 1991, 3 more issues were released , thru Marvel Comics.  The basis of theses books cover Aliens, Demons, Zombies, and all of Paranormal and Alien influences.  They would cover their tracks using all methods from Neuralyzing, death and destruction.
In 1997 the Men in Black Movie
came out starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.  It was a huge success, Rick Baker doing creature effects and makeup. Story line behind this movie started with the introduction with the Men in Black, the retiring and searching for new recruits.
With an Insect alien wanting to start war on earth to create a suitable planet for invasion.  Will Smith, agent “J”, being a New York Cop, who catches the eye of seasoned veteran Tommy Lee Jones agent “K”, that wants to retire.  The two save the planet, and recruit another agent “L”. Now this success manufactured
Men in Black: The Series, a cartoon series which keeps the Two agents together along with “L” , Zed agent “Z” the Worms, and whole cast of aliens runs for 53 episodes which when on TV, was on the Kids WB from 1997- 2001. The main stories, based on aliens on earth and stopping there intrusions on normal human life, though one character would always be a pain for the members of MiB, rogue agent Alpha. He was friend and mentor to Agent “K” as well as Chief of MiB, and now pursued immortality.  At the end of the series they defeat Alpha and his plans, and must rebuild MiB. When series ended it was gone, The Hub network in 2011 brought back the entire series for some time.
Men in Black II came out 2002, Agent “J” must bring back Agent “K”, and stop Serleena (Lara Flynn Boyle), from stealing the Light of Zartha (Rosario Dawson).  With added alien effects and makeup by Rick Baker,  this movie held it own.  Not  really a Block Buster, but  a fun movie.
MiB III , out in theater May 2012 , out in BluRay/DVD December 2012,
brings back Agent “J” (Will Smith) and Agent “K” (Tommy Lee Jones) , and with Josh Brolin as a younger Agent “K”.  Agent “J” must return to past to stop the death of Agent “K” at hands of Boris the Animal, and the Invasion of Earth.  Rick Baker Special effects and makeup adds to the story for this MiB.  Well worth seeing and adding to my collection.