Prometheus, DVD/Blu Ray 2012

Daniel Gill
I recently watched the Blu Ray of this movie and watched the deleted and alternate scenes.  I was really enthused about this prequel to the Alien Movie.  I did not see it in theater, I waited for the release to DVD/ Blu Ray.
For me , I watch a movie to be entertained, I try not to analyze.  As I watched this movie I did see a lot of possible clues to the Aliens.  I stayed away from making conclusion, until after movie than thru the deleted and alternate scenes.
I like this movie, I felt that this movie could stand on its own, without the supposed tie ins.
For me, this is a great movie.
I personally can’t believe that people in the near future would be so naive, and not have rules in place.  It’s interesting that everyone seems to have their own objective, there’s no communication, no sense of authority.  Even the Android David has his own purpose.  Yes it did remind me of Ash, and then Bishop.
This Movie is a great addition to my growing collection of some great and not so great movies, and TV Series.
I will recommend, for movie watchers, watch the extras, and listen to commentaries, it adds  more to the movie experience.  Until next movie, even a movie with some bad or so so reviews,  be entertained.