Rise of The Guardians

Rise of The Guardians
Movie release November 21, 2012

Based on Children book series Guardians of Childhood and Picture Book, Man in the Moon by American Author William Joyce.
He also has had success with Meet the Robinson’s based on book A Day with Wilbur Robison.  He has also collaborated with many other animated movies.
Now on to the movie Rise of The Guardians.
The all-star cast breathing life into this movie , Alec Baldwin aka Santa Claus or North, Chris Pine aka Jack Frost, Hugh Jackman aka Easter Bunny, Isla Fisher aka The Tooth Fairy and last Jude Law aka The Bogeyman also known as Pitch Black.
Brings this great animated tale of protecting the dreams, hopes, wonder and memories of children. The Man in the Moon who chose the Sandman as the first guardian, who doesn’t speak, only communicates with pictures, and now chooses Jack Frost as a New Guardian and finely finds his true center, as North aka Santa Claus points out to him, The Guardian of Fun.
I enjoyed this movie, very vibrant and fun, the kids around me seemed to like it a lot, the parents, well they were divided, all in all, a must see for fans of great animated stories, and children at heart will also enjoy this new twist on the Tales of Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost, with the Bogeyman being defeated.
Yes this movie will be in my collection when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray.