A Pixar and Disney 3D animated movie
Out in theaters June 2012
Hello again Cartoon Fans, and back for another go.
This time for the movie Brave, I did not see in theaters, I waited for the Bluray/DVD  release, which has the short film La Luna, as well as another short film about Mor’du, the demon bear.

La Luna short film, with Grandfather, Father and Son, taking small bout out to see, also called La Luna, and then anchoring it to the rising moon, they get onto moon, to clean up the falling stars, and to make the phases of the moon.  A sweet and interesting story.
Brave, a good story, with great heart for everybody, even though it is strongly written for young girls, it has the strong mother protection.  The King, is rough and tough, and the Queen, intelligent, formidable and persuasive.  The young Princess, wanting to change her fate, against her mother The Queen wishes, decides to use other means to force change.  This changes the Queen into a Bear, the Princess Brothers change into little bear cubs.  The legend of Mor’Du, a great bear, that took the Kings leg, plays a great part to this story, and brings the story to an end.

The extra Short film The Legend of Mor’du, tells the story of the creation of the great Bear Mor’du, the kingdom and brothers destroyed, and the curse of the Demon Bear Mor’du.  This movie is a great addition to my collection, a must see for animation fans.