San Diego Comic Fest 2012

San Diego Comic Fest 2012
October  19-21

Hello, San Diego Comic Fest, brought to us, from the people who first started the San Diego Comic Con during the 70’s.  Featuring the exclusive Cafe Frankenstein, this a place of camaraderie, folk songs, with some coffee and food to mix it up.
I had not been to the Comic Cons during the 70, which I am told was really more  a gathering of like-minded people to hang out, chat, and enjoy the great Groovy feeling, they call a vibe, where it was more friendly, the special guest, featured artists, even the actors who came by, would be able to walk the floor of the convention hall, and be respected, not crowded, or jumped.  They were given their space.  Todays Cons it’s a mad house at times, needing security.
The Dealers Room, in the Regency Ball Room, is small, they Dealers are happy, and willing to make you happy for your purchases.  You have Comic Books, Toys, Movie memorabilia, Music, Artists Collectables.  For being small, it sure has a lot to offer.
Artist Exhibit, Artist Alley and Cafe Frankenstein, held on the 9th floor of Regency Tower, has a lot to offer.  The Festive Cafe Frankenstein is decked out with all things from the Frankenstein Movies, its awesome, Movie Posters, Masks, Frank himself, and just the setting of a coffee-house.
At the Pool is the Artist Easels, where the larger pieces of art is shown.
The Garden Ballrooms, is where the panels are taking place.  At the Fairfield they have SDSU Comic Con History.
I missed Fridays Panel for the Starship Troopers, I really wanted to see that.
Saturdays Panel I really enjoyed was the 30th Anniversary of Blade Runner, now that is a great movie, it took awhile for the public to really grasp the Spectacular Vision for the future.  Ridley Scott’s had a hard time making this epic movie. For us fans, we can really appreciate the attention to detail.  I’ve been told that in the movies of Prometheus , Aliens and Blade Runner, there might be something there, an Easter Egg.  Something you might want to check out for yourselves.
I also stayed to check out Comic Book Live, now this was really funny.  A group of actors or just some people come together and act out a comic book story,  or  something close to it. Chris Gore, who might be known from G4, brought with his improv actors to give us The Avengers, or something close.  Chris and his posse put this Comic Book Live Show at the iO WestTheater in LA.  I will definitely go someday to see this.  It’s really fun.