Static Shock Cartoon TV Series

Static Shock Cartoon series that came out September 2000
Created by Dwayne McDuffie and voiced by Phil LaMarr.
There are 52, half hour episodes, all bringing in some great stories that are relevant, even today.  With Static using his witty banter and Brains, he is able to get the best of his enemies, with the help fo his friend Richie, who later becomes Gears, they fight crime, brining down the Bang Babies, and saving the day.  During the cartoons 52 episode run, there are some tie ins to Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern , The Justice League.  Facing off with Batman’s enemies the Joker,  Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and The Justice League and Superman’s foe Brainiac, then later Toyman. I do wish those in charge will release this Great, AWESOME, cartoon on to DVD, so I can add this to my collection, though I do have them on my computer, don’t tell anyone.  This Cartoon and Comic Books are the lasting legacy of Dwayne McDuffie.  Its thru his writing talents, that breathed life into such a great characters.  You will be missed.  I did see him, only from afar at San Diego Comic Con July 26 2008.