Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Animated Television Series

Premiered July 2003 last episode January 2006

First Season of 13 episodes
This first story arc for season one brings out the main Evil character his name is Slade. It also brings a consistent set of bad guys that constantly come through in most of the Seasons throughout the three year run. This television series tries to be funny as well as serious, showing us how a character can become so fixated on capturing the bad guy, that he betrays his friends. The final two episodes are part one and two. Overall this first season is very good.

Second Season also has 13 episodes
In this season, a new Teen Titan is introduced, and a love interest for Beast Boy. This new Teen Titans eventually betrays the team and tries to destroy them, with the help from Slade, but at the end Beast Boy forces her to see what she has done. She then faces Slade and in her final act she destroys him and she becomes a statue. Again in this season the last two episodes are part one and two.

Third Season also has 13 episodes
This third season centers around Cyborg and Brother Blood, who runs a school for gifted bad guys. Since Cyborg and another Teen Titan referred to as Bumblebee were able to fight off Brother Bloods mental influence, they pretty much destroy his school not once but twice. In the final two episodes, parts one and two called Titans East, Brother Blood takes over Titans East and tries to take over Cyborg. Cyborg proves to be the stronger and defeats Brother Blood.

Fourth Season again has only 13 episodes
This season gives us some insight into Raven and her unique powers, and her father Trigon. Raven who is an emotionally controlled Titan, for her powers come from her emotions, so the angrier she gets the more powerful should becomes. We get to see where Raven come from as well as what her birth and the corresponding prophecy related to her. The three last episodes are called The End Parts One, Two and Three. The final episode, we see Raven becoming more powerful than her father Trigon and banishing him.

Fifth Season the final 13 episodes.
This final season we are reintroduced to Beast Boy and we learn his true name, Garfield. We meet Beast Boy former teammates, The Doom Patrol and their most hated enemies Brotherhood of Evil. Also through this season the Teen Titans are adding more members. One episode shows the origin of the Teen Titans. Episode “Calling all Titans”, the Brotherhood of Evil are attacking the Titans and in episode “Titans Together” all the Titans are defeating the Brother of Evil. And the final episode “Things Change” Beast Boy sees a girl who he thinks is Terra from Season Two but she has no recollection.

After all this they had put together a final direct to DVD movie called Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. In this movie the Titans travel to Tokyo to take on a Japanese bad guy called Brushogun. Brushogun turns out not to be the bad guy, instead he is a old slave tied into a printing press and the real bad guy is the Tokyo Troopers Commander. Titans defeat him and receives a heroes welcome from Tokyo and as a side note Robin and Star Fire share a romantic kiss.

Teen Titans


Divide and Conquer

The Teen Titans try to stop Cinderblock, basically he is a bad guy made of cinderblocks. Robin and Cyborg argue with one another and they fall apart. Cyborg leaves and Cinderblock continues on his mission. Cinderblocks mission is to collect a human referred to as Plasmus. Robin and Cyborg eventually come to terms and repair their friendship but in the process Cinderblock and Plasmus escape.


The Teen Titans are enjoying fireworks, when Starfire is attacked, the gang helps Starfire. Starfire sister Blackfire helps in defeating the attacker. Blackfire gives Starfire a necklace that turns out to be stolen, and Blackfire turns out to be a villain. Starfire and the Teen Titans catch Blackfire and deliver her back to the aliens that are looking for her.

Final Exam

Slade the Teen Titans new enemy has hired three new teenage villains to defeat the Titans. The Teen Titans do not win in their first battle, they lose their home or Titan Tower the villains take over Titans Tower and re-structure at with a big H. The Teen Titans regroup and win back their tower. In the process they learn of Slade.

Forces of Nature

The elemental brothers known as Lightning and Thunder decide to wreak havoc upon the city that the Teen Titans protect. Beast Boy plays a prank geared for Cyborg but it fails, Starfire ends up receiving the prank. Beast Boy tries hard to get Starfire to forgive him, all this while trying to get Thunder and Lightning under control. Slade gets involved and gets Thunder and Lightning to assist in creating a Fire Gollum. Eventually the Teen Titans triumph over both Fire Gollum and Thunder and Lightning.