The Amazing Spiderman

Movie Release to Theaters  July, 2012
Jack Stark

Blue Ray/DVD Release Nov 9, 2012

Attn Sci-Fi fans and Web Enthusiast

The Amazing Spider-Man’, the reboot of a franchise that began hardly a decade back and which deviates from all know Spiderman stories. I found many problems with the film. The story itself does not have any emotional pull or the engagement of the original Spiderman comics or movies. It is however the familiar story of Spiderman’s beginnings with slight changes. His father is shown to have been working for Oscorp before he disappeared. Spiderman inadvertently creates the monster he later fights, his girlfriend is Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) who is his first love in the comic books and not Mary Jane in the first movie go around. He lives with his Uncle and Aunt and not his Grandparents. Peter Parker/Spiderman (Andrew Garfield) lets both his girlfriend and her father know his secret identity.

Many characters are left hanging without a conclusion, most notably that of Lizard man Irrfan Khan and who visits him in the cell after the credits. Spoiler alert never leave the film till it’s actually over people.

One department where ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ does not fail is its state of the art special effects. I also liked the cockiness brashness of Peter Parker in his first encounter with a criminal, confronting the high school bully and on the subway. If reboot is what Hollywood was looking for, they could have done something much more interesting and fun. Let’s hope they step it up for Amazing Spiderman II.