Underworld: Awakening

Attn: Sci-Fi fans and Vampire, Werewolves Enthusiasts

Underworld: Awakening” begins with recap wrap of the series’ first two movies, before revealing the current grim state of affairs for its clashing vampires and werewolves.

Humans have decided to stop killing each other and focus instead on the evil monsters that were hiding in plain site. Selene (Beckinsale) who by the way looks hot in that skin tight black spandex finds herself cryogenically frozen for 10 years in a laboratory before the glass mysteriously breaks freeing her. This releases her once again to reap revenge on Vampire and Lycans in numerous action packed CGI-aided scenarios.

The story revolves around the mystery of a 12-year-old girl (India Easley) who was frozen along with Selene; one quickly realizes this is the offspring of Michal and Selene.

Every descent movie in my estimation needs its villains so here we have Stephen Rea playing a mad human/Lycan scientist and Charles Dance as the pragmatic leader of one of the last remaining vampire covens. Does every vampire leader in this series appear to be the same or is it just me.

As to whether to buy the box set now? I say wait. The movie’s finale sets up for a fifth installment of the series.